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Tom Sawyer Playground

Tom Sawyer Playground
Commercial Playground Description: The Tom Sawyer Commercial Playground is fun that will last. This playground is great for ages 2-12. The rails can be custom made to a higher height to accommodate ages 5-12. Bring fun to your community or resort. This playground is made 100% out of recycled materials and built to last. Colors can also be customized for those wanting a commercial playground tailored to meet their needs.
Features and Requirements:
  • Ages: 2-5 or 5 - 12
  • Accommodates: 52-78
  • ADA Accessible: Yes
  • Milk Jugs Recycled: 19992
  • Safety Zone Required: 35' x 31'
  • Surfacing Required: 1085SF
  • Borders Required: 22
  • Weight: 3289

  • Materials: RSP Post material (Recycled Structural Plastic - 100% recycled post-consumer / post industrial HDPE) EcoColor (Flat Plastic Material: EcoColor Plastic - recycled Post-Consumer HDPE (flat panels) PolyCarbonate (heavy duty shatter resistant) Roto-Molded components (Virgin Plastic) Pipe (SureGrip poly-coated Steel Pipe with Stainless Steel welds) Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Installation Required
  • Recycled: Yes
  • Safety Standards:
  • IPEMA Certified
  • ASTM F1487 (ages 2-12)
  • CPSC
  • CSA
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