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Peg Leg Pirate

Peg Leg Pirate
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Pirate Statue with a Wooden Leg and a Hook

An impressive true Life Size Captain Hook like pirate statue with a wooden leg and a hook standing on a barrel. This pirate statue is part of our hand-crafted pirate memorabilia replicas. The incredible details depicted on this pirate statue truly make it museum quality. It is sure to attract crowd's attention and is a wonderful conversation piece. This pirate statue is made from durable materials using cast resin mold mixed with fiberglass. It is hand painted to the highest detail by professional artisans whose skills have been passed down to them for generations.

Peg Leg Pirate Statue
Length: 29.13"
Width: 31.5"
Height: 76.38"
Weight: 83.78 lbs.

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