Real Cedar Commercial Playgrounds For Sale

Real Cedar Commercial Playgrounds For Sale
Things to know before buying Real Cedar Playgrounds:

Natural playgrounds are becoming more and more popular in the industry of designing children’s play spaces. This has led to a major push to reconnect children with nature. As you know these REAL CEDAR playgrounds are not your typical steel or plastic playgrounds.

  • These nature inspired playgrounds are made from Natural Materials, like beautiful, whole, round Northern White Cedar logs with all their natural features.

  • These cedar logs have a fat end and a skinny end like a tree (instead of a manufactured dowel), they have gorgeous wood grain, knots, crooks, bends, and curves along with all the beauty and imperfections that you will find in nature including “checking”.

  • A “CHECK” is a crack that occurs across or through the growth rings as the logs release moisture.

  • Checking in each log is the norm and completely unavoidable. It is not a defect in the wood. It does not affect the structural integrity.

  • Like all gaps, cracks, and checks in any material, fingers can be put into it. However, it is not a “splinter”, it is NOT a hazard and it meets ASTM standards because it is NOT dangerous in any way.

  • People who are not familiar with logs and log construction and are just not used to seeing CHECKING. But it is natural and considered a part of a logs rustic natural look.
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