10 Row Low Rise Bleacher

10 Row Low Rise Bleacher

Here is our 10 Row Low Rise Bleacher comes standard in all models with Rails for your safety and provide an easy quick set up for any event you have that requires seating.

When Ordering Bleachers: or other equipment we advise that you check your local requirements for such things as aisles, guardrails, ADA, or other requirements.

Building codes may vary by year written and by group who issues them (IBC, UBC, BOCA, SBC, NFPA, etc.)

An alternative to aisles. When properly designed, bleachers with a 6 inch rise per row do not require aisles but should have guard rails and meet other requirements.

  • Length: 15-27 Feet
  • Weight: 2553-4658 lbs
  • Seating Capacity: 100-180
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